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Hair/Wig Care Before and After Swimming


     Summer is upon us and it’s a season which makes swimming a great kind of exercise. But chlorine in water which is to disinfect the water can do damage to our hair.

 According to Columbia University Health Services, chlorine can reduce the amount of natural lubricants in our hair, causing the hair cuticle to break or crack. So do salt water.  So what we gonna do to prevent our hair/wigs from those damage?

Make sure that your wigs can be worn to a swimming pool.

Before Swim—Key TIPS:

1. Before you jump into chlorine, please soak your hair into a chlorine-free water. Hair like a sponge and it can only absorb so much water. Therefore, it can less likely absorb chlorine.

2. Spray some conditioner on hair. Fine conditioner is good to keep chlorine damaging your hair.

Girls who have

  • Color-treated hair
  • Chemically treated hair i.e. relaxer, perm
  • Dry hair
  • Thin/Fine hair
  • Previously damaged hair

should especially pay more attention to this step.

3.Optional step. Braided your hair or make a updo bun to prevent knot during swim.

4.Wear a swim cap. A tight cap can effectively protect your hair. This may not guarantee that your hair doesn’t get wet but it can help stop the deep damage of that chemical material.


swim black girl Ruched-Patterned-Swim-Cap











If you don’t prepare to soak your hair, then all of them can be neglected. Just go into the pool!


Hair Care TIPS—- After Swimming:

1. Get away of that cap, of course. Just kidding. Wash your hair immediately with conditioning shampoo. If you can’t wash hair just after swimming, rinse it in the shower to remove the chlorine or salt water.

#Shampoo advice: ION Purifying Solutions Swimmers Shampoo#

2. Squeeze excess water from your hair and put some conditioner on it and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Add more on the end of your hair.

3. Dry hair with a towel or just let wind do it if there is. Remind that don’t rub your hair excessively.

4. Restyle your hair. When combing that wet hair especially wigs,

  • moisture leave-in conditioner if the hair is dry or damaged
  • use a wide-toothed comb
  • don’t power through a snag, work gently and slowly to undo it

5. Apply deep conditioner to your hair once a week, if you swim often. Deep conditioner can help protect your hair from ongoing effects of repeated exposure and chlorine damage.

hair care afer swimming

Warm tips: Be more gentle to your wigs.

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