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How to Keep Human Lace Wig from Lifting and Sliding Back

Hey,divas.Today we are going to address a common issue occurred in our past life with lace wigs.That is,lifting and sliding back lace wigs.Imagine while we are speaking at a meeting before all clients,important co-workers or friends,taking your catwalk on the large mall,having a date with your honey guys…You are just in the best of spirit on your own things,but unconscious,your lace wig is decided to do its things,creeping away from its original place.Yep,your lace wigs is lifting and sliding back.How panic you will feel.Factually,no matter whether you have a lot of hair, a little hair or no hair beneath a human lace wig, it can be challenging to keep a wig from lifting and sliding while you are wearing it.Today I am devoted to place some practical tips to hold your wigs secure and in its original place,and more importantly,hope that can alleviate your embarrassment.More questions about human lace wigs can be referred rpgshow F.A.Q.


How to Keep Human Lace Wig from Lifting and Sliding Back
1. Keep Your Wig Unit Away from Oily and moisture Products

To make sure that your skin is free of oil and perspiration before putting on your lace wig. Oil or perspiration on your skin will lead to your lace wig slipping and reducing its longevity. Use 91% alcohol to remove any oil from the perimeter of your hairline. (99% alcohol works as well but may be harsh to your skin. 99% alcohol is better suited to remove adhesive from your lace as opposed to your skin.)You also should  keep away from oily hair products.Keep in mind that using a product like this can interfere with your wig bond during subsequent wig applications. If you use oil based removers or cleaning agents on your unit, it is good idea to cleanse the unit with a grease dissolving agent such as Dawn Dish detergent to cleanse away any oil remaining oil residues.

2. Use Wig Lace Cap for Secure and Natural Looks

Always,we tell some one in human hair wigs just for unnatural looks.While wig caps may helpful to achieve natural appearance with the illusion of “scalp” from any direction that your wigs is parted.What’s more,lace wig caps can also help seal in moisture to your natural hair to avoid wig slipping.Multiple cap types from rpgshow including 3 styles gives you more natural and confident experience with wig unit.The obvious Difference between Full Lace Cap with Stretch and Full Lace Cap without Stretch is that the later one is more appropriate for women without hair or with scarce hair.

rpgshow lace cap

Full lace cap with stretch will be helpful for adjustment on your head size.This kind of cap styles has lace all around the perimeter and allows you to wear your hair in updos and high ponytails. And when glued down, it will give you a natural hairline all around the perimeter. It can be parted anywhere throughout the unit.

rpgshow lace wigs with glueless lace cap

This glueless cap lace wig is convenient for wearing and securing for application without glue( or with a little glue) so as to be very suitable for customers who are allergic to glue.

3. Fit Measurement for Your Wig Secure

If any of your measurements are too small, it be a constant struggle for you to keep your unit bonded. It is important to make sure that when your hair is measured for your lace wig, that your natural hair is styled in the same manner that it will be when the wig is applied.To help customers with fit measurement,Rpgshow specially sorts out measurement-taken methods at http://www.rpgshow.com/faq.html,or you can follow the video tutorial RPGshow-How to take measurements of your head.

4. Several Little Tips while applying lace wig unit

” Make sure that your wig does not rest too far down on your neck at the nape.  If your lace wig extends past the crease at the nape of your neck when you hold your head,your wig will constantly lift at the nape. Adjust by applying Fray block and cutting the excess lace and hair of the wig away. Cut from the back INSTEAD of at the front hairline,as the front hairline of most wigs feature natural hairlines and may have bleached knots and babyhair which creates a natural looking front hairline.When applying your lace wig at the nape, be sure to hold your chin down toward your chest. This will prevent the nape area from lifting up once you have completed your wig application. Make sure that the sideburns on the wig do not extend too far down on your face. This is especially important if you wear sunglasses or glasses. If the sideburns on the wig are too long, they will lift when your wig is pulled back into a pony tail or worn with a headband. Adjust by applying Frayblock and cutting the excess lace and hair of the wig away.”

^_^  That’s it.  Hope the above tips are helpful  ^_^.

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