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Ideas for Black Wig Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume is a forever theme. And black wigs are very popular Halloween accessory every year. You can create so many different Halloween costumes by using a black wig. Black Halloween wigs are for infant, toddler, teen or adult Halloween costume.

Vamp Wig Black Adult Costum

Vamp Wig Black Adult Costum

You can be a witch, zombie, rocker, Cher, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Betty Boop, Elvira, Gothic Tinkerbell, Gothic Hannah Montana, Mia Wallace, Adam Lambert, Christina Ricci, Megan Fox, Jonas Brothers, Betty Rubble and the list goes on.

Can I color the black wig if needed? If the black wig is real hair you can color, bleach, straighten, perm, or blow-dry it. If the black wig is synthetic, your choices are limited due to the fibers in the wig. Any chemical placed onto a synthetic wig will be damage. The hair will fall out and start to melt. However, there are ways to color a synthetic black wig if you are interested.

There are four ways to color a black synthetic wig. You can use permanent marker, hair color rinse, colored mascara, or Rit fabric dye. Never try to use paint or spray paint on your black synthetic wig. The paint will make the wig very stiff, and will not dry. The easiest method is probably the markers. You can buy yourself cheap costume wigs in a variety of colors. The marker process will not be messy, but will require some time, especially if the black wig is long.

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