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Ciara’s Hair & Makeup Evolution

Gorgeous as always! In various public places, diva Ciara usually shines brightly like a diamond with charming makeup and fierce suit! Compared with making much of fascinating lipsticks, Ciara’s makeup feel more like to lay emphasis on delicacy eyes. Either with silver-metallic eye shadow or retro eye liner, she always draws much attention from media. […]

Rpgshow cls017-Khloe Kardashian Inspired Human Ombre Wig Review

Hey, beauties.Do you still have no idea about how and what to choose for a human lace wig?Are you puzzling how to style your inclination celebrity lace wig?Do not take that too seriously any more.From now on, rpgshow decides to introduce a popular wig unit each week which is spotted by several YouTube gurus.This week, we pick the Khloe Kardashian inspired Full Lace […]

Easy and Hassle-free Hairstyles for Busy Women

Hey, beauties. Are you  too busy rush to even think about trying a cute hairstyle, whether it is to work,go to school or get the kids breakfast ? Are you worried that chopping your hair short would be the unique way to make you look a little attractive during your busy day?No no no.If we choose an […]

New Looks of 2013 Ombre Hair

Hair color trends have undergone tons of changes during the past few years. The mainstream of 2013 hairstyles is still featured with variable colors, and so far the ombre still reigns supreme among the celebrities who see it as their invention and hang on it. Ombre hair is considered to be a daring hairstyle, which […]

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