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Are You New To Wearing Wigs? This Company Will Help You Adjust

So excited that some sweet editors just kindly introduce us to more gorgeous and confident ladies on the awesome website Essence.com The origial article is as follows: “Wigs are big business and not just for reality TV women or actresses. While real women wearing wigs is nothing new, neither are the headaches many women face working with […]

Newbie Wig Wearers Will Love ‘My First Wig’ Collection

Let’s be honest: wigs are scary. For the newbie wig wearer, at least. It looks quite easy via YouTube tutorials, but when… via Newbie Wig Wearers Will Love ‘My First Wig’ Collection.

Learn from Celebutante Taylor Swift to Be Fashion Focus

Taylor Swift started her career as a country artist before crossing over to pop music. She has received Grammy, American Music, and Country Music Awards for her songs and albums.Last night,Taylor Swift faced off on Sunday evening at MTV’s Video Music Awards and beat out the competition, taking home the Moon-man for Best Female Video. […]

Best Celebrity Hairstyle Looks of This Week

Divas, weekend is around the corner!Tired and excited,right?So, how about going though some fantastic looks of this week?This week’s best styled moments were all-out chic and seriously stylish!We spotted a number of our favorite celebs out and about town wearing stunning designer looks paired with drool-worthy accessories.So, if you are considering about diving into the the latest […]

Rpgshow cls017-Khloe Kardashian Inspired Human Ombre Wig Review

Hey, beauties.Do you still have no idea about how and what to choose for a human lace wig?Are you puzzling how to style your inclination celebrity lace wig?Do not take that too seriously any more.From now on, rpgshow decides to introduce a popular wig unit each week which is spotted by several YouTube gurus.This week, we pick the Khloe Kardashian inspired Full Lace […]

What Hairstyles Kim Kardashian to wear for Wonderful Appeal

As an American television personality and occasional actress,Kim Kardashian has an incredibly cool fashion sense, and she is known for her long pretty hair which she loves to show off in exciting and fashionable looks.Either you see it brushed back for a neat and stylish look, or it remains wild and flowing giving her a […]

Flattering Wigs/Hairstyles for Your Face shape

While going to the hairdresser, we always asked what type of haircut or hairstyle is best for our face shape?Why is this so important? Simply put, if the hairstyle is matched to the inappropriate face shape, the result is a disaster.Even if the hairstyle is well executed,the result is still a disaster . Hairstyles are predominately about […]

Easy and Hassle-free Hairstyles for Busy Women

Hey, beauties. Are you  too busy rush to even think about trying a cute hairstyle, whether it is to work,go to school or get the kids breakfast ? Are you worried that chopping your hair short would be the unique way to make you look a little attractive during your busy day?No no no.If we choose an […]

Gorgeous Homecoming Hairstyles collection 2013 for Black Hair

With school starting up in the next few weeks, most divas are eagerly to prepare schedule pick-ups for homecoming night.Homecoming hairstyles for black guys are as important as the event itself. Everything must be perfect for girls on this special night. So many things must be taken into consideration that it is important to find […]

Human Lace Wig Care Tips for Summer

Human hair wigsare completely versatile and provide endless possibilities for styling. Although they are more expensive than the synthetic varieties, lace wigs allow for a more natural appearance, whether it’s for daily use or for stage plays. However, when it comes to caring for the wig, just because it’s real hair wigsdoes not mean you […]

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