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Are You New To Wearing Wigs? This Company Will Help You Adjust

So excited that some sweet editors just kindly introduce us to more gorgeous and confident ladies on the awesome website Essence.com The origial article is as follows:


“Wigs are big business and not just for reality TV women or actresses. While real women wearing wigs is nothing new, neither are the headaches many women face working with them. Wearing wigs can be intimidating and hard to work, with but one company is taking the guesswork out of how to rock a wig successfully by creating a line just for first time wig wearers.

My First Wig” was created for the woman who is new to wearing wigs. This is a new line from the RPGSHOW and as the website explains, “We understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be for women who have never worn wigs before; we cut out all the confusion and provide detailed instructions on application, styling and maintenance.”


How I Got Over Missing My Natural Hair When Wearing Weaves

The hair care company offers tutorials on shampoo and conditioning a wig (things that are super important to wig wearers), how to lay your wig and even how to change a wig part.

These high quality wigs for beginners may be just what you were looking for as they allow newbies the opportunity to rock a wig the right way and guide you the whole way through.”

by Sabrina R Perkins

Newbie Wig Wearers Will Love ‘My First Wig’ Collection

Let’s be honest: wigs are scary. For the newbie wig wearer, at least. It looks quite easy via YouTube tutorials, but when…

via Newbie Wig Wearers Will Love ‘My First Wig’ Collection.


When choosing to ombre’ or do any color process on your wig, the most important component is doing a strand test ladies! A strand test will help you determine if your wig is able to withstand the chemical process, and will also give you an idea of what the color will look like. Below are the steps to safely color your HUMAN HAIR WIG.

 by RPGshow Hairstylist @shearphysique

You’ll need:

1. Developer

-I used 20 volume salon care from Sallys Beauty Supply

2. Lightener (bleach)

-I used Paul Mitchell

3. Shampoo (sulfate free)

-I used Paul Mitchell moisturizing shampoo

4. Conditioner

-I prefer Ion Smooth solutions keratin masque

5. Cuticle sealer

-I used Joico cuticle sealer

6. Color bowl and brush

7. Plastic bag to protect counter top

8. Gloves to protect your hands



1. You are going to want to protect your bathroom surface or counter top from the bleach, a plastic bag or some other form of plastic will work.

2. Mix your  lightener and developer. Follow the instructions on the products you purchased.

3. Choose a small section of the wig hair. Preferably the middle section (this allows you to still use the wig in the event you decide not to go through with the coloring process after the results of the strand test)

4. Use color brush to apply color evenly on strand of hair

5. Make sure to watch the lightener lift to your desired color, take note of the time it took to achieve that color.

6. Wash strand thoroughly with luke warm water

7. Shampoo with your choice of sulfate free shampoo. It is very important to make sure the shampoo is sulfate free as you do not want to cause additional damage to the wig

8. Condition and apply your choice of cuticle sealer. It is important to use cuticle sealer as we want to lock in the moisture when the hair is colored as to not give a dried out look. Rinse out with cold water to seal cuticles



how_to_cut_lace_2 Apply the wig to your head just to see where you want your hairline to behow_to_cut_lace_3 how_to_cut_lace_4 how_to_cut_lace_5how_to_cut_lace_6 how_to_cut_lace_7



As to achieve a natural appearance and unique color variations, all human hair wigs are chemical processed. So Each hairpiece made with human hair is unique. And meanwhile the hair is more fragile than hair in its original state. Sulfate-free hair care products seems more important for chemically processed hair. Check out the following steps to wash your human hairpiece.

  • Make sure that the hair is all brushed and there are no knots anywhere and put the hair soaked in lukewarm water. (Don’t swish or swoosh the air, that will cause matting/tangling) you may gently scrub the inside of the cap.

put the hair soaked in lukewarm water

  • Take a mild shampoo and spread it in your hands, a small amount will be enough. Gently pat and stroke it onto the hair. Don’t rub it in.

gently pat and stroke it onto the hair

  • Rinse the shampoo out using only the lukewarm water stream and not your hands or brushes. It will take a few minutes to get all the shampoo out but be patient.

rinse the shampoo out using the lukewarm water stream

  • Remove the excess water with a dry towel. And run a wide-toothed comb gently through the hair to give it root direction. Lastly, leave the wig to air dry.

remove the excess water with a dry towel

leave the wig to air dry


Human lace wig is a very individualized and personal thing. Feel free to add your own flair and create a effective way to style  your hair care routine, but remember to follow the  hair care principles, or  you will damage your real hair wigs from shedding, breakage / tangling .

Customer Review|@freshlengths On Her Favorite RPGshow Wig

 For the past couple of weeks I’ve been wearing this wig which I bought from RPGShow. RPGShow are a hugely popular wig company, which is the main reason I decided to buy this wig.

RPGShow-Rihanna-Full-Lace-Wig-Braided (1)

Wig Specifications:
Hair Length: Straight 12″
Hair Colour: #2 Darkest Brown
Hair Texture: Yaki
Lace Colour: Light Brown
Cap Construction: Cap 3, Glueless Lace Cap
Cap Size: 1


I bought this from the RPGShow Sales website as it was a lot cheaper for the same wig I wanted on the main RPGShow website. Also with the exchange rate it worked out at around £179. Admittedly, it was still an expensive purchase for me as I usually don’t spend a lot on my hair, but I weighed up the other options available (both in the UK and abroad) and this seemed to work out as a reasonable price for the expectations I had. I wanted something that looked realistic and like it could be my own hair and it’s really delivered. I love the quality too so in all it’s been a worthwhile purchase for me and I’m hoping the wig should last me a long time.

There’s more info on the wig in this video on my YouTube channel:

Article by @freshlengths

Blog: http://freshlengths.blogspot.co.uk/
Email: freshlengths@hotmail.co.uk
Instagram: http://instagram.com/freshlengths/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FreshLengths


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How TO:Revamp Your Hair for New Year 2015


Hello,ladies.Welcome to 2015 .
It’s a new year,  a chance for a new start,and what better way to face it than with a brand-new look? Here comes an easy and affordable way for your new look !

How to revamp your hair for new year 2015 How to revamp your hair for new year 2015 How to revamp your hair for new year 2015 How to revamp your hair for new year 2015 How to revamp your hair for new year 2015 2_11 How to revamp your hair for new year 2015 How to revamp your hair for new year 20152_15

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Your hair’s natural oils give your hair texture and make your strands more moldable. So if you plan on curling your hair, don’t wash it for a day or two.


Before you bust out the curling iron, make sure to apply a heat protector to your hair so you don’t damage it.spray your hair with hairspray before you curl, let it sit for a second to dry (so it doesn’t sizzle), and then curl it.


Having the right tools makes all the difference. To begin, make sure you’ve selected an iron with the right size barrel. For hair that doesn’t hold a curl well, I recommend a ?-inch barrel. The curls will be tight without looking ringlet-y, and will loosen as the day goes on. If your hair holds a curl better than mine does, choose a 1-inch iron for instant beachy waves. Also, if your hair always falls flat, consider investing in a professional grade curling iron.


Once you release your hair from the iron, simply pin the curl to your head until it sets. Once your entire head is pinned, mist it with hairspray. Then, carefully unpin your curls and comb through them with your fingers.


Once all of your hair is curled,spray it one last time with hairspray and then blow dry it on low for a few seconds.

Any other tips do you wanna know?Just feel free to leave your comment below.

How To Get a Natural Looking with Your Human Lace Wig

How to fix glueless lace wigs on your head tightly for the sake of having access to an absolutely natural look?Here is a useful tip for you:

Part 1 Ear Tape for Fixing Glueless Lace Wigs Tightly on Head

Step 1: Prepare a piece of relatively wide elastic. 


Step 2: Take the measurement from ear to ear across the back of head.


Step 3: Whatever the amount of inches is ,lets say, its 13inches, then take away about 3 inches ,then , its about 10 inches where you gonna stop and measure the elastic band and cut it at that point.


Step 4: Sew both ends of the elastic or tape upon the position of ears inside the wig cap. 


Step 5: Put the elastic band onto the back of your head . Then Adjust the wig in the front . Make sure its on , secure and always even with the stocking cap .


Part 2   Make Natural Hairline with Your Makeup Powder

Step 6: start using the tail of the comb to pulling out the hairs left in the front. Pull out as much hair that suits you best . If you have widow’s peaks. Always make sure that your widow’s peak is showing in the front of the wig so that It gives you a natural hairline .

911 10

Step 7: Then you can take whatever makeup ,foundation or powder that you use to blending the part. After you are done with all the belndings. Then you will see that the front is very natural.

12 13

Step 8: Well done! Perfect looks! 

15 16


Special thanks to Taren916! This RPGShow wig review was made by Her. Subscribe her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/taren916

Wig Details:

Hair Style: els143-s 
Hair Color: #1B
Hair Length: 20″
Cap Construction: cap 1A
Size 1
Lace Color: Light Brown
Hair Texture: Yaki

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Is the tutorial helpful ? What other type of tutorial or care/style tips do you want to read,please feel free to leave your comment below or email us via rpgshowedm@rpgshow.com  :)




5 Things You Need To Know About Curly Hairstyle


1.  Understand that curly hair is exotic, classy, striking, and most of all, unique.

2.  Don’t wash curly with a sulfate shampoo and try to find a conditioner without any silicones.

3.  Don’t touch your hair while it dries! This will only lead to fly aways and frizz!

4.  Brushing can damage fragile curls. Opt for finger-combing or a wide-toothed comb instead.

5.  Use a satin pillow to stop your hair from tangling too much at night.

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