RPGshow apply to offering diversified changable hairstyle and color tones catering for different tastes.

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youtube sale

Want to have a beautiful look like Youtube gurus? Actually, they all wear so stunning rpgshow lace wigs! This gallery is all about those popular units which are welcomed by gurus at Youtube. It contains many different styles, such as straight, wavy and curly. We also offer fabulous different colors, especially fashionable ombre styles. They will work well on you just like Youtube gurus. And you also could do styles as your wish.

Moreover, you also could follow our official Rpgshow Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/rpgshow‎, which will tell you the specific information of full lace wigs, how to apply a wig and also the sale information about Rpgshow. As a customer, if you have a delicate review video, you will have a chance to watch your video at our channel.

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  • Receiving time: 4-5 business days after your purchase(PTDS001 & PTDS002, 6-7 business days received)
  • Starting Price is for 8 inches length. Longer hair lengths cost additional fees- see drop down box in the order form.
  • Do not brush or comb any curly or wavy hair wig as it will cause it to tangle and knot.

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