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What Others Are Saying About RPGshow
Joy*******[email protected] Yes I will and have recommended friends and family members to the website and have made several purchases.
Wf*****[email protected] I shared my photo with you because I am truly happy with the wig I purchased (This is the very FIRST wig I've ever worn in my life). I'm currently natural and I chose to purchase a wig as a protective style. I currently have shoulder length hair and I want my hair to grow even longer. I know that the less stress I put on my natural hair, the more it will grow. Based on my suggestion, my best friend purchased the same wig because she wanted a protective style for her natural hair as well.I don't mind if others know I wore a wig. I'm not a big social media person per say, but I do have friends that I can recommend your wigs to and I know that they'll purchase them just based on my recommendation.
Trace*****[email protected] Whenever I go to these places I get tons of questions and complements because I am wearing one of your units. They do not know that I'm wearing a lace wig because of the natural look and quality. I always refer them to your company. If you offered hair care products for our natural hair, I believe this would be very profitable for you. I, like a lot of women have long healthy hair under the wig. We wear the wigs for variety and to protect our hair from styling products. I am very attractive and a little older so I really get noticed. The people that own the stores, the workers and customers alike assume that I am a professional stylist or an authority on hair care but I'm not. I just have the ability to select the right styles that complement my face and lifestyle. And your company make that very easy for me. Thank you for your time and keep bringing us those beautiful styles!
Charl******[email protected] Looking for bone straight yaki light.Other sites have the styles but not the quality of hair that you have. I also am referring my friend and she is going to also place an order also. She ordered from another site and wasn't happy I told her rpg show is the best so look for our orders soon.
An****[email protected] I will definitely recommend my friends and have the word around.