Celebrity Full Lace Wigs

Never go wrong with the hottest celebrity hairstyles! Not too much, RPGSHOW celebrity inspired wigs should be a BOMB for either eye-catching hair accessories or daily-life products! Without hesitation for dyeing your hair frequently and cutting hair down, belles can fully appreciate the ultimate beauty at!

For the sake of both following chic fashion trends and showing off your distinctive personality, you divas can select desirable color tones or hit various curls pattern catering for your personal taste!

New-arrival celebrity wig always on its way! Really Perfect Girls swag!

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  • Receiving time: 4-5 business days after your purchase(PTDS001 & PTDS002, 6-7 business days received)
  • Starting Price is for 8 inches length. Longer hair lengths cost additional fees- see drop down box in the order form.
  • Do not brush or comb any curly or wavy hair wig as it will cause it to tangle and knot.
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    RPGshow Brand Ambassador: Gabby Douglas