WIG 101








How to wash & lay a straight wig?

1. The very first thing I'm gonna do is make sure have my parting nice neat. And I am going to detangle the wig with a brush to make sure it is tangle-free and I am gonna make sure that I keep this wig in a natural way and the parting that it lays already.

2. You have to get it wet. Then I am going to use my favorites shampoo for my wigs which is Pantene Relaxed Intense Moisturizing Shampoo. So I am gonna use maybe a bow a little over a quarter sized me trial between my hands and distribute all over the personality unit like that.

3. I am gonna rinse out the shampoo and wash about 2 times the sample before condition. So I am mixing the Pantene Relaxed Moisturizing Conditioner. So rinse out the excess water and you can prepare to apply your conditioner. Make sure you apply the condition all over. I am going to make sure I distribute conditioner all over and make sure that I get it over to the strands and that's what the purpose using the damn brush.

4. So now I am going to deep condition the actual wig I normally let my conditioner for about 15 - 20 minutes in a plastic bag like this and I do this every time I wash my wig. So it is the same process each time. So let it sit for about 15-20 minutes and then make sure you want to rinse out again. Again make sure you keep your part very very neat and make sure your wig is tangle-free as you can see my part is realy realy neat. And also, when you rinse out you may want to make sure you definitely rinse out the wig cap itself. In general because you don't wanna sticky residue of conditioner. I get all the excess water out because now I¡¯m going to dry the wig.

5. Now I am gonna wrap it up with a towel to get out the excess water.

6. I am using a staff from where I am gonna apply the wig on. I detangle my personality unit in doing this way just make sure they keep the wig nice in flat.

7. Let the wig air dry.

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