All In One Thermal Wig Travel Case $89.98

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The Absorver All-in-one thermal wig carrier case is designed to care for wigs, extensions, and hair pieces. The thermal bag can be used for treatments such as deep conditioning, hot oil treatment, hair masks, hair coloring and bleaching processes. Convenient to use and travel friendly, it is sure to be an indispensable tool to help care for your hair wigs and extensions at home.


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07/08/2020 Applied
Experience new innovation
07/07/2020 Applied
07/06/2020 Applied
condition hair wigs.
07/06/2020 Applied
I want to take part in the trial, I use wigs daily and to be able to care for them better would be a goal of mine.
07/06/2020 Applied
To test product
07/06/2020 Applied
recieved an email to try and review.
07/06/2020 Applied
Caring for my wig collection.
07/05/2020 Applied
Preserve my investment
07/05/2020 Applied
Interested in showing off my beautiful wigs from ROG
07/04/2020 Applied
Try new product on the wigs I’ve purchased from your company.
07/04/2020 Applied
Interesting new product
07/04/2020 Applied
I actually have two wigs that I would like to deep condition right now so this would be great to see how it works. :)
07/04/2020 Applied
Loyal Customer - like to protect my wogs
07/03/2020 Applied
Free trail ! Very loyal long time customer who loves everything RPG !!!
07/03/2020 Applied
trial assignment
07/03/2020 Applied
I want to try this!
07/03/2020 Applied
Loyal customer who would like to try this new product. Your wigs are a necessity for me due to suffering from alopecia for most of my life.
07/03/2020 Applied
Seems like a fabulous new product and would be interested in providing honest feedback mostly considering the fact that I travel very regularly within and outside the country
07/03/2020 Applied
All In One Thermal Wig Travel Case Free Trial
07/03/2020 Applied
I own 4 units from RPG show and I am good and loyal customer & will give an honest review of the product.