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Lace Front Wig Selection Tips

1. You shall measure your head by a tape measure and get the dimension before purchase lace front wig so that the wig will fit your head well. Firstly, pull your hair back or under a stocking cap. Next put one end of tape measure at the front tip of your ear. You need to spread the tape measure across the diameter of your head, and the other end of tape measure can reach the tip of your other ear. The tape measure needs to be flat to get accuracy dimension. The dimension is very important when choosing a suitable front lace wig. Then you measure the diameter dimension of your head and record the detailed dimension. It is suggested to take the measurement twice for better accuracy. Also your facial shape is also considered on making choice. You can choose the length and style of your front lace wig based on the facial shape. For example, mid-length wigs are suitable for square face.

2. Now you have a clear answer on your head dimension. You have been ready to look for a nice front lace wig as you like. You can search for products on internet and compare styles and prices on various sites. You need to learn what kind of materials for products, a human hair wig or a synthetic wig. Lace wigs made by synthetic fiber are with competitive price than human hair wigs. While human hair wigs can be mixed with your own true hair due to the same hot tools. You shall read the detailed instructions on sites so that you can understand the policy of delivery policies. It is better to choose a retailer which offers free Exchange & Return service, reliable after-sale service for fixing products or other problems. Also clear front and back photos of the lace front wigs need to be available on sites so that you have a clear idea on what you are going to buy.

3. Remember that you can also get good information and advise from your hairstylist on front lace wigs. They will give you expertise advises when working with them to buy a lace front wig and also help you to select most suitable wig style with proper length, style and color, which will match your lifestyle. For instance, you can choose a lace front wig with high quality for daily wear with natural looking and also for work. The best quality lace front wigs are made up of virgin Remy hair, since this material is with cuticle undamaged and the hair will not easily get tangled. So, it is recommended to ask a hairstylist for help on purchasing lace wigs because of his good reputation and obey with you on a written complaint rules.

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Virgin Remy hair lace wig GYS003 on rpgshow

Virgin Remy hair lace wig GYS003 on rpgshow

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