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How to Freely Part Your Hair

Specific Steps to Freely Part Your Wig Unit:

First of all, Part the hair to where you want it to be




Then,Blow-dry the hair from the roots all the way down . Repeat the same method on each part for about 3-5 times until the part is set.



At last,there you have a perfect and flat part .



Don’t blow-dry the hair when its all wet , otherwise, it would result in the hair frizz and matts . We suggest you blow-dry the hair either when its dry or not fully dry .

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How to Care for Hair Under a Wig

how to care hair under a wig

  • 1.KEEP YOUR HAIR MORE FREQUENT CLEANING. Especially in the summertime, when you sweat more. Although with protective style, bacteria can gather beneath the wig.
  • 2.MASSAGE YOUR SCALP DAILY. Since your hair is covered by a wig, your scalp probably receives much less stimulation than it does when your hair is uncovered.
  • 3.DRY YOUR HAIR UNDER THE WIG ALL TIMES. Dry your hair thoroughly before putting on your wig. Wet hair can weaken the lining of your wig.
  • 4. TRIM THE HAIR UNDER YOUR WIG REGULARLY.Regular trimming is NOT ONLY good for hair growing faster, BUT ALSO essential for optimal hair care.
  • 5. MAKE THE WIG OFF AT NIGHT .Keep the wig on a wig stand and let your hair breathe when you take your beauty sleep.
  • 6. WIG IT CORRECTLY.  Don’t ever wear a wig that is too small for your head. This can create tension around your edges that can cause breakage around your hairline perimeter.

Tips & Warnings

Wig wearers may notice that their hair becomes darker and their scalp becomes paler. This is natural and should not cause concern, since your head is not lacking exposure to the sun.

Customer Reviews This Week

rpgshow customer reviews

Don’t be Fooled by the Natural Hair Care Myths


Divas,have you found a fact? There’s a lot of hair care myths out there that we just follow without knowing what’s actually true and what’s not.To be frankly,there is no mystery to getting gorgeous swoon-worthy black hair. Read on as we reveal the truth behind four common hair care myths.

Myth #1        My curly hair is thick, coarse and strong; so a rough tug will get it to cooperate.



It’s important not to confuse texture with volume and density. Many curies have fine and fragile hair, especially tight curly to kinky curls. Handle with care!

Detangle your curls while they are wet with conditioner to provide slip. Apply your favorite conditioner from the scalp and use a wide tooth comb to gently work through from the ends to scalp.

Myth #2      I must shampoo daily to remove product buildup and oils.



Shampooing does remove buildup and oils, but your curl type should dictate how often you shampoo to avoid over-drying.


Here is a quick guide- Wavy/loose curls :2-3 times per week. Curly/tight curly :1-2 times per week. Kinky: 1 time per week.

Myth #3        Through the day I need to brush and finger comb my hair to get it stay in place!

 curly hair

Never brush or over manipulate dry curls or you may tear, stretch the fragile strands or create a mess of frizz.

Apply styling gel while your curls are sopping wet. This will provide definition and hold that will last all day!


Myth #4        Black hair is stronger than other hair types.


The internal structure of black hair actually makes is more susceptible to breakage than any other hair type. If hair is chemically relaxed this adds to the possibility of breakage.

Organic, virgin coconut oil is very effective at moisturizing and strengthening the hair. It actually penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize inside the hair, unlike most oils which only coat the hair.

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Top 3 Methods to Tame Flyaways on Lace Wigs


Hi Beauties.

Have you been puzzled by flyaway hairs?Today we’re going to tell you a few methods to freely part your hair and tame fly-away hairs on Lace Wigs!

#Method 1.

Taming those short hairs with Hair Flyaway Tamer, which can weightlessly smooth flyaway hairs and frayed ends.

Top 1 tips to tame baby hairs & fly-aways on Lace Wigs

#Method 2.

Iron out the hair beside the parted hair line with Electronic curling icon.

Top 2 tips to tame baby hairs & fly-aways on Lace Wigs

Warnings: The temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will damage the hair.

#Method 3

Use hairspray,setting lotion or Mouse evenly on your wig and parting and tying it with a silk scarf will train those flyaways.

Top 3 to tame baby hairs & fly-aways on Lace Wigs

Hope it helps!

We will update more wig application and care tips here later.Stay Tuned!

YouTube Guru Tells You How to Wear RPGSHOW Wigs Naturally


How to apply rpgshow human lace wigs

Rock RPGSHOW Wigs as YouTube Did

rpgshow YouTube Guru reviews

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Pop of Color–RPGSHOW Spring New Arrivals.Which style do you wanna try?Just rock it, Really Perfect Girls

beyonce bob haircutlayered ombre curly wiglayered ombre wavy hairfashionable wavy bob hairstyles

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Top 5 Gorgeous Festive Hairstyles for Christmas 2013

Divas,another Christmas is around the corner.Have you received some invitations for parties?Prepare for your parties already? Festive outfits and hairstyles are important part of the holidays whether for a formal party or family Christmas dinner.Your hairstyles should be glamorous as well as possible.Today,RPGshow Lace Wigs recommends several easy and elegant hairstyles which intact all the way through the celebrations.

  • Festive Hairstyles for Christmas 2013: The Faux Bob

Faux bobs can easily create a drastic hairstyle change without cutting your long-term style.Meanwhile Faux bobs can be varied in many ways.They look great with loosely piled up hair,curls,or waves.You can styled it personalized and varied to accommodate the consistency of your hair,taste as well as quick but attractive styling.

Faux Bob Hairstyles for Christmas Party Faux Bob for Christmas HolidayFaux bob for Christmas Party

# How to Get Faux Bob Hairstyles:


Faux Bob Tutorial

  • Festive Hairstyles for Christmas 2013: The Sleek Chignon

Sleek chignon is an ideal hairstyle for any kind of festival event.You can wear the chignon low at the neckline,or on one side close to the neckline.Warm ombre brown shades and messy waves add more interest to this soft, feminine hairstyle.

Sleek Chignon for Xmas by RPGshow WigsSleek Chignon by RPGshow lace wigs

# How to Get Sleek Chignon:


Kate Middleton braided chignon tutorial

  • Festive Hairstyles for Christmas 2013:The Side-Swept

Ultra glam and feminine, this sleek side-swept hair will suit everyone.Make sure you blow dry your locks on a low setting and finish with a blast of cold air to add shine. Ombre highlights and bouffant waves add more feminine.Stunning RPGshow hot sale  Ombre hair wigs for your appeal on Chrismas party.Natural intermediate color and glossy locks bring you divas with an unimaginable feeling!

Sleek side-swept hairstyle for Christmas Holiday 2013Sleek side-swept hairstyle for Xmas 2013

  • Festive Hairstyles for Christmas 2013:The Half Up and Down

An easy way to dress your hair up for an evening out is to try this half-up hairstyle. So simple to create, just pull the top sections around to the crown, securing with bobby pins or a small bulldog clip around the back of the head. Tease the top up and out, leaving some of the front section of the hair loose, to soften your face.

Half up hairstyle for Xmas Party Half up hairstyle for Xmas Holiday

  • Festive Hairstyles for Christmas 2013:The Braided Headband

Braided headbands are the perfect way to stylishly pull long hair back when the heat and humidity get the best of you. And with its boho-chic vibe that works on all hair types, as long as your hair is long enough, you can rock this hair style for either day or night.

Braided Headband Hairstyles for Christmas Holiday by RPGshow Wigs Braided Headband for Xmas 2013 Waterfall hairstyles for Christmas by Rpgshow wigs

Christmas Day is a last festive,it is necessary to put an perfect end to wonderful year 2013.Stay fabulous with your inclination hairstyle above.Stunning and striking hairstyles are there to be your ideal choice for the Xmas party.BTW,divas with short cut also can achieve the gorgeous hair with hot sale human hair lace wigs for winter 2013.Celebrity inspired hair wigs make you the attention center on Christmas part.

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Stock Khloe Full Lace Human hair Wig - Straight -cls017-s Stock Khloe Full Lace Human hair Wig – Straight -cls017-s $309.99

Stock Kim Kardashian Full Lace Human hair Wig - Wavy -clw045Stock Kim Kardashian Full Lace Human hair Wig – Wavy -clw045$309.99

kim-Stock Full Lace Human hair Wig - Straight -csls003-skim-Stock Full Lace Human hair Wig – Straight -csls003-s$309.99


Ombre Highlight Hairstyles for Fall & Winter 2013: American Music Awards – Part 2

From the best fall hair colors to the latest winter hairstyles,a great way to brighten up your all over look is to creating a subtle ombre look with some face framing highlights around your head.It’s definitely a great way to have ombre highlights hairstyles for Fall &Winter 2013.The Red Carpet of American Music Awards 2013 gives you enough inspiration for Ombre highlights hairstyles.
Shot 1.
Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Stun With Hot Looks
kendall &kylie jenner american music awards 2013
Yowza!Sister Kendall and Kylie really brought the heat at the American Music Awards with major fashion and beauty statements! Kendall showed off her sexy side in a revealing white mini dress, while Kylie debuted a new bangs.
Kylie Jenner’s Stun With Hot Looks
Bang on trend!Kylie Jenner debuted new bangs for the AMA 2013. The younger of the Jenner sisters looked slender in a monochrome ensemble, consisting of a pair of black velvet trousers and a white midriff-baring white top.
kylie jenner 2013 mtv movie awards
Kylie Jenner, the young adult actress, is so elegant in simple style. On the Red Carpet MTV Movie Awards, she wore a bodycon pencil skirt with a white crop top, accessorizing with just a simple gold chain necklace and neutral makeup. Her hair is in simple style. It is about wavy ombre hair with center parted style. She let her wavy hair on her shoulders.


RPGSHOW lately promotes a new arrival wig unit rihanna inspired clw052 is an ideal choice for Kylie Jenner’s ombre highlights at AMA red carpet. This Ombre hair should be a magnificent adventure for beauty. Natural intermediate color and glossy hair locks will bring you divas with an unimaginable feeling!
Shot 2. 
Ariana Grande Shows Off Light Blonde Hair
Ariana Grande Shows Off Light Blonde Hair
Previously known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom, Victorious and her vividly red hair, Ariana Grande, 20, is going to the blonde side!
Ariana Grande with Light Blonde Hair

Each girl is always chasing the ultimate fascination of loose waves which is a satisfied catalyst of life. While adding some subtle light blonde highlights,elegant and sexy hairstyles make you the highlight of cold winter. Rpgshow stock Ciara styles human hair lace wigs are good under-servant for your striking top.
Get inspiration from the red carpet of AMA 2013,and find a same celebrity style rpgshow human lace wigs at rpgshow.com.Instant purchase can enjoy huge savings on Thanksgiving and Black Friday Holiday- $70 OFF ON ANY UNIT (clearance except) with “blackfriday.

Ombre Highlight Hairstyles for Fall & Winter 2013: Black Girls Rock! – Part 1

Still have an upsurge of interest in Ombre hair which always gains much favor among celebrities and fashion-tracking belles? Khole Kardashian’s black to golden blonde Ombre color tone should be a classic one! The naturally gradient color pattern always adds highlight to your whole styling! You can’t miss these Ombre highlight hairstyles if you just puzzle about the most perfect hair style for 2013 fall & winter!

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  • The Kardashians Rock Honey Blonde

Khloe Kardashian & Kim Kardashian Celebrates
Getting rid of the dark to golden blonde hair color, Khloe changed her hair color with softly honey blonde! Such perfectly gradient tone contributes to bouffant locks and lightness on the bottom of hair.
Khloe Kardashian for HeartRadio Music Festival
Edgy-sexy in a black leather pencil skirt and a matching crop-top, Khloe Kardashian wore a lovely partially braided hairstyle when she attended the iHeartRadio Music Festival. With no doubt, this dark to white honey blonde hair does favor to her fierce all-in-black look!
khloe kardashian ponytail
Smart high ponytail matches perfectly with a fitted black-and-white top! Ultra chic look!
Kim Kardashian Celebrates Birthday
Kim Kardashian was spotted recently with lightened strands from the middle of her hair to her ends but stayed brunette at the roots.
Kim  Kardashian Shows Off Post
Kardashian appears to be suffering from a documented beauty condition called blonditis, in which one sees how good one initially looks with a few blonde highlights, hears the compliments roll in, and, overwhelmed by thoughts of how much better looking one could be looking with even more blonde hair, overdoses.
RPGSHOW Kim Kardashian style lacewigs
Referring to her stunning new blond’do which should be a drastic color change, I have to say that the dye job came out beautifully! It starts with a single process to turn her dark strands into a warm blonde shade. The next step: highlights, the shade of which is determined by the new base color. If hair looks a bit brassy, your colorist can counteract it with paler blonde highlights. The result will be Kim’s honey-blonde shade.
Black girls rock it now! Blondes just might have more fun!

  • Kenya Moore’s Freaking Amazing

Kenya Moore Premiere Paramount Pictures Flight
Bouffant waves of gorgeous haircut pattern turn out to be a fierce buster on Kenya Moore. Definitely, the perfectly highlight shade of elegant brown should be a key point!
Drawing such amazing inspiration from Kenya Moore, RPGSHOW promotes a new lace wig clw064 for you divas! Diva MyInvisibleChyrsalis rocks this new arrival wig perfectly!
rpgshow ombre hair

Ciara’s Hair & Makeup Evolution

Gorgeous as always! In various public places, diva Ciara usually shines brightly like a diamond with charming makeup and fierce suit! Compared with making much of fascinating lipsticks, Ciara’s makeup feel more like to lay emphasis on delicacy eyes. Either with silver-metallic eye shadow or retro eye liner, she always draws much attention from media.
Never go wrong with Ciara inspired look!
Shot 1: 

Ciara for People Choice Awards Nominations

Ciara flashed her gym-honed figure and steals the spotlight in the daring V-shaped miniskirt when she attended People’s Choice nominations. Perfectly completing her ensemble, Ciara left her honey blonde highlight bob loose and messy, and kept her make-up simple & fresh with brown eye shadow and nude lipstick.

Ciara In Anthony Vaccarello 2014-People’s-Choice-Awards-Nominations-Announcement

It’s no longer that difficult now for you belles to hit smart short bob hairstyles. Without cutting your precious natural hair down, you can enjoy the ultimate naturalness just through referring to a gorgeous Ombre highlight full lace wig with exquisite loose curls pattern and perfect hair texture!
Shot 2:
Ciara In Valentino Front Row @ Valentino Spring 2014

Ciara was front row at the Valentino Spring 2014 Fashion Show wearing none other than a black and white lace dress. Such a piece of elegant dress just goes well with her surprisingly smooth hairstyle! Effective! Glossy center parted locks with dark to auburn umber color tone and hot red lips make her extraordinarily dazzling in the show.

rpgshow wigs

Drawing wonderful inspiration from Ciara and Khloe, RPGSHOW recently brings out a hot style of cls031 straight Ombre full lace wigs. The shades of blonde blend in nicely together with dark black.
I love her flawless complexion and lightly lined eyes so much! They indeed add a pop of color to her black and white dress. Such an elegant presentation!
Shot 3:
ciara fashion styles blue golden nails

When attending the Valentino store opening in Beverly Hills on March 27, 2012, Ciara hits some delicately detailed navy blue nails featuring gold and crystal embellishments. CiCi showed off her perfect curves in a piece of cleavage baring black dress.


Matching perfectly with the stunning dark to white blonde wavy hair, minimal makeup also impresses me profoundly!


How do you think of Ciara’s dark to white blonde Ombre waves? For my part, it’s definitely a BOMB! Get rid of dull color tone and add highlight to your whole ensemble!Either style it into straight locks or bouffant loose curls, you can’t miss it!

Shot 4:

If dark to white blonde Ombre hair is a BOMB, this brown Ombre hairstyle should also be a BEAT! Ciara paired her bronzed skin with a smoldering application of smoky shadow. Just sweep black & dark blue eye lashes across the upper and lower lids.

A bright orange-red nail polish and amazing red matte lipsticks are necessary for such ALL IN BLACK style! That’s cool!
Shot 5:


Tired of Ombre hair with fade-to-dark roots? Still captivated with interesting multi-colored hair? CiCi rocks a new Ombre highlight hairstyle when she attends the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge. The color starts golden near her face and then fading to dark moving back around her head. Her blond sections are more substantial than those wispy blond face-framing highlights we all used to get like 10 years ago, so they feel like a fresh, modern take.
As a definitely highlight, Ciara’s orange is a bit bright for every average girl to attempt, but darker or redder oranges are the perfect fall lip color, don’t you think?

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