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Be yourself and you can be anything


2paco***ds 31/5/2018 14:44 #single Being with someone who fills your world with joy and also tears it away with darkness was difficult.😣 I lost my bestfriend and my lover. After several breakups, me moving to college, cheating, lies. Spending nights crying instead of studying, worrying about what he's doing when I had deadlines to meet, losing sleep because I was more focus on my relationship than my education. That was all in the process of becoming a Stronger woman. Now I can say i am truly at Peace, Graduating Wednesday with Honors, Single and loving it. Know your worth ladies😍👌
moni***503 30/5/2018 10:45 #beinlove After dating for a little over a year I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. My boyfriend stepped up and held my hand through the toughest time of my life. I was terrified at the thought of him seeing me bald and after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy but he loved me through it all and in the process helped me learn to love myself again. He’s now my husband and I’m cancer free ❤️
jerr***olette 31/5/2018 09:35 #breakup I dated this guy for seven years and it took years for me to accept he wasn't ever going to change I kept forgiving the lies cheating kids just to give it a chance and in the end it still didn't pan out but i learned things about myself and that it's more to love then just someone saying it you have to put action behind it and and I had to learn and realize i didn't love myself and that enduring pain isnt proving to someone you love them it's just a green light for them to continue
ell***hrt 31/5/2018 12:06 #single #singlemom I'm a single single mom of 2 and I've dealt with so much loss this past year losing my mom to cancer calling off an engagement and my hair falling out due to stress .I have since regained my strength trying to re invent myself one step at a time and this would be a perfect start to my new look new attitude and most importantly new beginnings❤️#giveaway #rpgshowphenomenalwoman
nor***z07 31/5/2018 10:49 #beinlove I met my husband almost 11 years ago (we have been married 10) while we were stationed in Korea.He is truly my rock,I can definitely say we fall more in love each day,I still get butterflies when he smiles at me or just looks in my direction.😁❤️We have 4 beautiful children and he still serves in the army I’m a stay at home mom but he constantly tells me how thankful he is that I take care of home and I have the hardest job ever lol (not true but it’s cute).With all that going on we still send sweet text,flowers,even write little I love you notes just to let the other one knows how much we mean to one another.I truly found my soulmate someone that makes me want to be a better me..oh and he grabs my wig heads when the day is over so that’s definitely a plus too lol🤣
myt***entures 31/5/2018 16:06 From a devastating #breakup while mourning my aunt , to picking up my head to walk high in my purpose. Since, I have launched my travel blog which has been my passion forever, found others who went through what I did and have been able to encourage them to search for the light at the end of the tunnel. Something that slips our minds but has remained on mine in such a tough time is, God is good all the time and in ALL times God remains good! So thankful 🙌
ka***a_ 31/5/2018 19:05 #single Being single at 22 is the best thing that I could ever ask for. I see other women my age that are in relationships that are goals and I can’t wait to find that for myself. Then I also see women that are in very toxic relationship that they do not need at this age. I feel like your 20s are the best years of your life that you will never get back. I grew up never really knowing how to love myself because of how badly I was bullied in school for being dark skin. While other girls at my school had boyfriends I thought my beauty had to be validated by a guy. However, today I can like at myself in the mirror and call myself beautiful confidently. I love the color of my skin, my height, and everything that makes me, me. Being single has helped my found love that no one else could ever give me and that’s self love.
lee_***ebel 31/5/2018 12:30 I’m a 25 y.o. #singlemomof three. I’m currently an online college student majoring in Health Care Administration. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than being a mom, though it’s definitely not easy being responsible for three little lives, especially at such a young age. But I know if I had the opportunity to go back and change anything, I wouldn’t. Some days are good, some are a struggle, and sometimes I just want to give up. But looking into the eyes of my babies, and feeling their little arms embrace me, gives me the strength to keep pushing. I have three beautiful reasons to never give up.
ka***sa_ 31/5/2018 15:06 @kaissa_ I am a #single, educated, and beautiful woman that is excited to continue finding herself.
ga***ou_ 31/5/2018 18:49 I’m a paramedic and my husband is a nurse at the hospital I would always bring my patients too, I’ve seen him a round a few times and I would always tell my bff/coworker how cute this one nurse is. Of course my bff told him and one day he walked up to me in the break room and said “Hey gorgeous, anyone ever told you you have great taste in men?”. Even though that line was super corny I was just glad he spoke to me lol. Fast forward 5 months later and we were officially bf and gf, fast forward another 5 months we got engaged, and another 3 months we had our court house wedding. He is my first boyfriend, my husband and my love, I couldn’t imagine my life life without him. He loves me unconditionally, has the kindest and purest heart, puts up with my moodiness, 🙈 rubs my feet every night and remembers to put the toilet down. I was always afraid of falling in love and never let myself get close to any guy, but he loved all the places about me that I didn’t know could be loved. What else can a girl ask for. And for that I’m an advocate of #beinlove
kim***rr 31/5/2018 20:06 #breakup okay so here’s my story started college in fall 2017 i was talking to a boy i hadn’t met yet but we were gonna meet once school started but we vibed and i loved it. We got to school started dating a month in. Everything was flowers and happiness. I swear i didn’t want to be with anyone else. Spring semester came and like usual we had couple problems & we came past it because i loved the boy didn’t wanna lose him, vice versa for him. Later we started having major problems and we took a break and it messed us all up. I cried continuously shed too much tears that i shouldn’t have. We ended up breaking up for good but we talk everyday still, i swear that’s my soulmate. We’re not together right now but we’ll bounce back and that’s a fact. Don’t give up on love. Breakups don’t mean anything. Well unless you really don’t want them back. But yeah that’s my college love story ❤️
kur***lle 31/5/2018 09:30 After ending my engagement with my ex it was really hard to get back to “normal”. After pouring all of my energy into my munchkin I decided it was time for some ‘me’ time. I made it a point to make sure my outer appearance looked just as good as the way I was feeling inside 💁🏽‍♀️. Went to school and earned my Bachelors & I’ve been in law enforcement for a few years now. Being a #singlemom isn’t always fun or easy but setting the right example for my daughter is worth it.
let***beautiful 31/5/2018 15:56 #single I'm A single woman who is a preschool teacher and who's working on bettering myself. I plan to start back school in August to finish my degree in 'Early childhood education '. I also like the hashtag #beinlove because throughout the years of my life , I've learn that first you have to be in love with yourself before you can be in love with anyone else. If You're not satisfied with who you are then you can't expect someone else to be .. Learning to love myself
eye***_d 31/5/2018 19:17 I am a #single mother who has been through a tough #breakup in the past but throughout it all it taught me so much about myself like how i need to focus more on myself as a person & a mother & to do what have to do regardless of having help or support it has shown me that i am much stronger of a person than i give myself credit for & that nomatter the circumstances in life never lose yourself & never give up .
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