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How do I choose the right lace wig cap construction?

When it comes to lace wigs, there are many different types of cap constructions, and they all have their advantages and drawbacks. Which one you choose depends on a variety of factors. Below are some examples of the most common ones, including their advantages and disadvantages. You can use this as a decision guide when placing a custom order.
We have 5 styles of caps:

This lace cap is convenient for wearing and securing for application without glue (or with a little glue) so as to be very suitable for customers who are allergic to glue.

Glue-less cap is user friendly because it comes ready to wear and more versatile. Besides, it does not require the use of adhesive (glue) while wearing.

As the glueless lace wigs are secured by combs/pins, if not properly secured, it is easy for the wig to slip or slide away.

6" lace in front and machine weft at back, in front is handmade. Very natural hairline in front.

No need to adhere the nape of the wig (you onlyneed to glue it/ or secure it down from ear to ear), A great option for beginners.

High ponytail is not available with this cap, and you can only part it as far as the lace panel extends.

Full lace cap with stretch in crown can be adjusted in crown.

Great for beginners who are unsure of their measurements! Hair can be worn up in a high ponytail.

Needs to be glued down.

Full lace cap with ear to ear stretch can be adjusted in Circumference.

Great for beginners who are unsure of their measurements!

Wearing the hair up in the areas above the ear may be a problem. Needs to be glued down.

This cap style doesn't have stretch. It can be used by women with no or scarce hair. This cap style has lace all around the perimeter and allows you to wear your hair in updos and high ponytails. And when glued down, it will give you a natural hairline all around the perimeter. It can be parted anywhere throughout the unit.

Great for styles that require the hair to be free parted.

This cap is not recommended for beginners who are unsure of their measurements. Needs to be glued down.

This cap type contains a piece of silk (usually located in the front centre of the cap and 4*4 in size) through which individual hairs are injected.

Invisible knots in the area of the silk base, which gives a more realistic illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp.

The color of the silk base could possibly not match the color of your own scalp completely.