What is the "RPGShow Wig Design Hairstylist Affiliate Program"

RPGShow has been in the lace wig industry for the past 8 years. Our goals have always been to offer more diverse hairstyles and color tones that cater towards all the wants and needs of our customers. Currently, we are seeking experienced, professional hairstylists who would like to partner with us.

How it works

  • Be interviewed by our official RPG Consultant
  • Do a trial design on one of our wigs
  • Contract is designed for you
  • Create wig designs that will be featured on your own personalized page on our website
  • Receive commission for all sales

Program Benefits

  • A commission rate of 10% for each sale of your wig design
  • We will also give you an Instagram shout out to enhance your customer base
  • Promotional support. Promoting your designs on RPGShow official page, including Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube
  • Technical support on your page
  • We will send your business cards to our customers located in your area.

How much do your wig units cost? How much I will earn on every order?

Average cost of an order is $400, so you could potentially bring in $40 for every order placed.

How often will I get paid?

We calculate and pay the commissions at the beginning of each month by Paypal, or anytime you request.

How do I ensure my wigs sell?

The success of the affiliate program is largely based on how dedicated the stylist is and how head turning their designs are. Below are three tips to maximize sales:

1. Stay updated! Stay on top of trend setting designs, we find stylists that have trendy designs generally have high monthly sales

2. Stay engaged! Good quality video and phots generally get more attention and will generally generate more views which in turn lead to sales. Stay engaged on Instagram. We are also more likely to feature your video or photo on our page if it is of high quality.

3. Stay Unique! Periodically check the stylist page and try to make your designs different than what we already offer. We understand that stylists are influenced by other stylists, and it is inevitable that some designs will be the same or similar; however, if you already see a curly bob on our site, try to do a curly ombre bob to set your design a part.

How does the tracking system work?

1. We name every wig design after you and every order of your design counts effectively.

2. We can also track your order with the exclusive coupon code, or if someone indicates your name in the “How did you know about us” section.

3. Your orders will be counted as a sum up of all the tracking method.

How do I get started?

Click here to complete online application. If you want to know more about the affiliation, please feel free to contact [email protected]

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