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Beginning Stage Hair Loss

For individuals in the initial phases of hair loss, it commonly manifests as a diffuse pattern at the front hairline or the central parting line, or as thinning hair.

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Progressive Stage Hair Loss

This stage of hair loss is marked by the scalp becoming visible at the top or crown of the head. Hair thinning is apparent throughout the entire scalp or with a distinct receding hairline.

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Advanced Stage Hair Loss

At this stage, hair loss is typically highly conspicuous, with completely bald areas of the scalp being visible.

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Hair Loss Journeys with RPGSHOW Hair

RPGSHOW Customer - Sh****ea
“My name is Sh****ea. So for the past 6 years I was losing hair in spots due to alopecia areata, but one year ago, I lost it all. I felt like I wasn’t myself for the longest because I didn’t recognize the sickly girl that I saw in the mirror. Now, even though I have 0% hair anywhere on my body, I finally feel comfortable thanks to RPGshow. I had to really search for a good wig company AND learn all about wigs in a short period of time with limited funds. After a lot of wig disappointments, I can now say that RPGshow wigs are my favorite. I feel like this lace was made by God himself. My hairline is always my biggest insecurity with wigs and RPGshow’s lace and baby hairs finally put me at ease.”
RPGSHOW Customer - Me**n
“Thank you for your awesome quality wigs! They give me back my self confidence since losing all of my hair due to Alopecia. Any little bit helps!
RPGSHOW Customer - Chr****na
“I absolutely love the hair! I have no hair from having alopecia and I can honestly say your hair units are the most comfortable I have ever worn. It feels like I'm not wearing anything to be honest. I had no issues while ordering or after. Before Rpgshow I went to a local store that had good hair. But not like your units.”