Lola is an exquisite, but head turning unit
with long juicy burgundy waves. Lola is approximately
20 inches with a center part.
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Classy Audrey

Classy Audrey is exactly that, CLASSY. A shoulder
length bob with loose curls and a deep side part. Classy Audrey is a great look for the casual night out.
Classy Audrey is a natural color and comes in 14 inches.
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Diana is full of tight care free curls. A side
part frames the face perfectly in this layered bob. Diana
comes in 14 inches.
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Natasha is a blunt bob for the individual who is not
scared to have all eyes on her. Natasha has an asymmetrical
cut with a side part. Natasha is a natural color and comes in 12 inches.
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Cece is for the girl that just wants to have
fun. Bone straight honey blonde tresses in 20 inches with
a sharp cut. Cece comes with a middle part.
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Sasha is FIERCE. Sasha is for the risk
taker, long cascading wand curls in an auburn blonde ombre tint
Sasha comes with a side part and 18 inches.
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1. When was the first time you ever tried RPG lace wigs?
2. Why did you choose RPGShow as the platform to launch your official wig line?
3. What’s your experience with RPGshow wigs? Your true thoughts?
4. How did you come up with your personal wigs? The style the color etc.
5. How many minutes take when you style your wig?